Be-7 is about conservation and endangered species and locating your connection to both.

Be-7 is a website that holds the mission: to awaken the ocean conservationist in every individual who visits. Every person on our planet is connected to our oceans. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they are connected to the ebb and flow of our blue planet. I want to make this connection a conscious one!  

Here we are at You see the slogan "be on your path". The logo looks great (to me... do not worry, do not fall into the mind reel of "Oh, here's another 'blogger' who thinks her style and opinion rule all." It looks great *to me* okay!) and the slogan/motto/other words are intriguing, so we seem to be off to a good start. But WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? What is be-7?

It all started when an Irish-Catholic girl (me... remember I told you bloggers love to talk about themselves?) who likes to pray to spirit animals found herself about four years into her second career at 27 years old and took a moment to look at how she got to where she was... and wondered why she wanted to get to the next place with so much longing that her incredible life just did not seem tolerable?

To all of my adventurers out there, you may be able to relate to this... the feeling of wanting more-- to see more, to do more, to learn more and therefore, never feel content or, for lack of a better term, happy. The year was 2014: Sure I had moved to live on a pineapple farm in Maui and summer in a tent when I was only eighteen, sure I had lived on the opposite side of the world and studied the Māori and their amazing traditions, sure I had started my own business at the age of 22, I had jumped out of a plane, and yes, I had clowned in a teen-girls prison in Peru with none other than Patch Adams... Despite this exciting and amazing list of experiences that could go on, I had the feeling like I had not lived, like there was much more for me and I truly could not enjoy the ride; I wanted the next destination. When speaking about animals, one of my biggest heroes, Temple Grandin calls this a "seeking" behavior. While I was not an animal seeking food for my survival, I was seeking the next stage in my life with as much voraciousness and urgency as a shark needing a bite of snook. In this place of urgency, is where be-7 was born.

Now that I have set the stage a little bit, I can better explain to you "be-7". Be is just as it sounds, be-ing. We are human beings, living our lives on planet Earth. Can you think of a time when you felt compelled to do something? It does not need to be monumental. Maybe you felt like you were meant to be a mom? Perhaps you felt it was the natural thing for you to do to choose to take French in high school rather than Spanish? Perhaps you felt compelled to leave for work earlier than usual to hit up your favorite cafe and get a special vegan carrot muffin before work because "It's FRIDAY bitches!" These are all examples of being IF they felt natural and effortless... like there was no other option. Then, can you think of times in your life where there seemed to be endless resistance? "Stuck-ness?" An overall icky feeling? Perhaps your muffin made you feel sick to your stomach and being a mom seemed like something your mother wanted for you more than you did? Perhaps you felt silly because Spanish-speaking jobs are more prevalent in the United States than French but you just HAD TO go your own way, again. I am talking about three possible scenarios here:

#1. You are following your heart and the ride is effortless.

#2. You are following your heart but you are battling your heart with your head and considering what others think. (If LOST taught us anything, it is that the others cannot be trusted!)

#3. You are feeling icky because it is time for change, newness, the next step.

I believe that no matter who you are and what your story is, that your life makes up a pattern of these three scenarios and they ebb and flow and move us through life. We each have a path, a destination or a journey, a personal legend, or a purpose and it is sometimes traveled with grace and other times, it is traveled with rocks in your shoes. That is where the 7 comes in. The number 7, in numerology, signifies adventure and being on your path. Be-7 is a plea for all to be on their path, to be seeking, to be adventuring, and to always be true to your hearts. Your path does not need be graceful and this blog will regal you with stories of my journey in hopes to encourage you to acknowledge that the series of actions and sometimes seemingly torturous and mundane tasks and moments that make up each day are all clues, awards, or rocks in your shoe on your path in life.

Are you keeping up? To recap, so far we are being on our path and following the bread crumbs/the ebb and flow/the resistance and release to who were are meant to be. If you take a moment to think about what led to your greatest moments in life, I bet you can trace a line that connects all of the instances that brought you to your passion. They may have been clear and direct or they may have been seemingly random until you looked backwards, but it was a path. Be-7 = be on your path. The motto is "because you are" because we are all on our path. Now, here's the mind-blowing piece... because we are all on our paths on the same planet, we are all connected to each other as well as the planet. 

It is my belief that if humans are more aware of their personal connection to the planet, then they will be more invested in protecting the planet. My goal is to connect everyone who visits the site's path with their connection to the blue planet and therefore their empowerment around restoring and preserving her. 

My dream is to share the stories of heroes of mine through this forum to show everyone that we are all on our path and we are all the same, ONE. This Oneness connects us to each other but, most importantly, it connects us to the planet. 

Through this forum, I will also create Brennan-like oddities like ask each person featured what they eat for breakfast. While I really do want to know what they eat for breakfast, the larger purpose for this question is to remind the readers/listeners/viewers that we are all here on Earth sharing in the same rituals. Although we remain very different, we all sometimes need to eat breakfast; we are all the same