Happy New Year, New Day...

Each day, we get a chance to start over, each month, we are gifted with a ☾new moon☽, and each year, your body rebuilds itself. We are constantly presented with moments+opportunities to reinvent ourselves on every level. Let's look at your body: Your brain rebuilds itself in one year, your DNA renews itself every two months, the lining in your stomachs rebuilds itself in five days, your liver rebuilds itself in six weeks, your skin rebuilds itself in one year, your body builds a whole new skeleton in three months, and your blood rebuilds itself in four months. Every cell in your body dies and is replaced by new cells; 98% of your body rebuilds itself in less than a year... and so does mine. (Source: undergroundhealthreporter.com) Here is the trouble, do we truly realize this- that we are constantly renewing and rebuilding? 

Nostalgia is a trap and holds individuals in patterns. Do not shy away from the new, the different, or the risk of reinvention. You (and no one else) create your identity. Yes, there will always be naysayers, but only yesterday's version of you would mind what they think! If you are searching for an answer to the question, "What am I meant to let go of?", the answer is simple: Only what is deep within your heart is true, all else is a grey area, a choice, and subjective. Be proud of the you you are in your deepest heart and be proud of the you you choose to be today. Redefine what you see as loss- meaning let go each night as you lay your head on your pillow and make space for all of the New Day to flood the space each morning, arvo, evening. Forget the yester[old]day, retrain your regenerating brain. Spray citrus nectar symbolically as a representation of a fresh start, a moment ⋱ ⋰ to ⋱ ⋰ moment creation of your heart's tailoring. Want to start fresh after a trippy morning? There's never a "right" time to set the pace. Lean into the hurt, don't run from the low, but not because it is a pattern, because it is a 

Remember, your regenerating body hears everything your mind says. 

Your path is uniquely yours. Because, only you have access to your compass (your heart). Think for a moment that your heart is in rhythm with your environment, and therefore with the planet. Place your hand on your heart and ask it questions. Trust in the answers, they have been with you all along. It is the year-day-moment to let the answers ⇆‹ ⇦⟸ expand ⟹⇨ ›⇆

Being with your heartbeat is being with the planet,

this is what be 7 is all about