It's a funny thing, "blogging"... Basically, you are writing about a) yourself or b) your opinion on a series of things/ideas/places. And, in most cases, you are a self-appointed expert. Chances are, no one actually asked for your opinion on said things/ideas/places. Once you have your material together, you are required to shamelessly promote yourself if you want anyone to read it. With social media... you know, being what it is, everyone is doing just that--promoting themselves.

Sidebar on social media: If I made a commitment to pause on every photo of a girl doing a yoga pose in a beautiful [enter location] landscape, I would either achieve Nirvana/enlightenment or (the more likely scenario) compare myself to so many females in spandex that I would have to just "end it".

Because every human being out there with an ego (for instance, every human out there, except maybe Jimmy Fallon and Eckardt Tolle) and a smartphone can start an online business, blog, or can become a "celebrity on Vine", there is ENDLESS information out there on the omnipresent Internet. This reality is what has stopped me from writing my first blog post so many times. I feel/have felt resistance (Do I admit that I am actually writing this with pen and paper and will, maybe, reluctantly digitize it at a later date?) It is overwhelming to me how much information is "out there" and I do not want to add to the chaos and overwhelm that individuals like myself feel when they look online for the answer to a question or a quick read and are instantly confronted by hundreds, are forced to weed out those with real integrity (that did not purchase their optimization, damn the man... save the empire!) and still, are left with hundreds of choices, forcing them further... to use intuition to choose what is right for them.

Despite this process making me feel sick inside, the Universe (oh no, another writer talking about "the Universe" and the "Law Of Attraction", gasp) has sent me some repetitious signs that have teetered on a "blow your house down" force in a repetitious manner that cannot be ignored. The message the Universe has sent is that I am meant to be writing. The Universe has been so good to me, that I cannot ignore her/his/their instructions, so alas... here I am, contributing to the overpopulation of ____ on the Internet. You. Are. Welcome.

I have always been a little "off" when compared to my peers, I have always insisted on doing things slightly differently. Perhaps this is because I look at the world a little differently. Because of this, my life and insights tend to ignite the feeling of being entertained, awakened, inspired, or just "glad I am not on her journey". Perhaps you seek one of these emotions or something we have not come up with yet. If you feel compelled, please read on and let us spend more time on the Internet that would be better spent outside in the fresh air.

With love, Brennan Caitlin O'Connor McCormick a.k.a. b7