My sea turtle at my Root Chakra is very old and very wise. He needs a name that embodies his nobility, sagacity, and valor. I call him, “Monsieur Tortois Mastery Magnific” …or MTMM when we use abbrev.s. Monsieur has made himself known to me for as long as I can remember, although I did not quite understand his role in my life until taking this workshop.

When I was a little girl, dating back almost to my first steps, I craved water. My family members would have to perform rescue after rescue because I did not know how to swim, yet I fearlessly sought out water and would walk, run, or jump in, only to start to sink. I have heard many stories of the trouble I would be in after a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or parent would have to fish me out of whichever hot tub, pool, or ocean to which I had escaped. While acknowledging that this routine of mine was very dangerous, I must say I am mainly proud of my two-year-old self for being so bold. When I started to learn to swim and scored my first pair of water wings, the trouble continued because I would refuse to get out of the water once I was asked to get out. Come to think of it, this is not unlike what I struggle with when my Chesapeake Bay Retriever refuses to get out of the water for me… karma! I digress. The picture I am trying to paint for you here is that I was a true, “water bug” and had an actual calling to the water. Another behavior I feel MTMM was behind during this time in my life was pacing around my baby pool, or larger bodies of water chanting, “Walking To-Dohs” (translation: “Walking Turtles"). Apparently, I would circle and chant these words for long periods of time as if in a trance.

Fast forward to when I was eighteen years old and living in Hawaii. I had left on my first solo adventure and was doing work-trade to spend a summer on an organic pineapple farm in the rainforest of Maui. A lot of magic occurred that summer but one pivotal day was when I found myself swimming among a group of 5-7 sea turtles. They glided by and around me in the middle of the ocean and my heart swelled so much, I fell deeply in love. The day before I flew home from my adventure, I went to a tattoo artist with the sketch he had created for me weeks prior and had him ink my right foot with the Polynesian turtle who solidified my admiration for these creatures on my physical body. Knowing what I know now, I would have simply told my father, “Monsieur Tortois made me do it!” when he threatened to disown me for breaking his number one rule: no tattoos.  

When working with Earthstar18 and learning I had a sea turtle at my Root Chakra, I was pleased, to say the least.

The first time I worked with my turtle, I did not learn his name and I did not even know he was French Polynesian ☺ but as I mentioned in my first reflection, working with your animal guides is layered and dynamic. During my first go around, my passion for sea turtles already apparent in my life, I had no issue sitting down for hours on end researching different species of sea turtles and working in my book that is certainly my most detailed of all my chakra workbooks. My mother checked out many sea turtle books from the library and brought others from her classroom and I read, created, and got lost in it all. I noticed that the energy shift that happened within me when I transitioned from my dolphins to my turtle was amazing and very obvious. The energy of working with my Root Chakra was very grounded and STEADY, just like a turtle.

There were many overlaps of what the Root Chakra symbolized and what the turtle symbolizes so I felt like my sea turtle was in the perfect spot. For instance, the turtle, being 200 million years old, is a symbol of Mother Earth herself and you can’t get more grounded than with Mother Earth.

This second time I worked with Monsieur Tortois Mastery Magnific, there were not only overlaps between MTMM and the Root Chakra but also overlaps of a third component: the Fall Equinox! Not by mistake, we started working with our Root Chakra spirit animal while taking a trip to Mt. Shasta, “The Root Chakra Of The World” during the Equinox. If I thought my Root Chakra was on steroids because of the grounding qualities of my turtle, I was really in for it once we were on the Root Chakra, with MTMM, AT the Root Chakra of the world, DURING the Fall Equinox. For example, the Equinox is about planting your seeds of manifestation for the year, the turtle symbolizes laying the eggs of your manifestations in cycles like they do through migration, and the Root Chakra is all about prosperity and abundance. Another example is the Root Chakra signifies balance, as does the turtle, and the Fall Equinox is one of two days of the year when the night and day are in complete balance. There are other overlapping qualities like the color red, and eating root vegetables but I realize we live in a world of ADD so I will leave my list here and move onto the next point of my write up.

I had mentioned that the Root Chakra is all about prosperity and abundance and also about balance. The balance is the key because that points to inflow and outflow. You must give to get and it is great practice to be conscious of what you’re giving and all of those wonderful things you are getting. When working with this chakra, there’s a large focus on gratitude. Too often, we take things for granted and forget it’s a miracle just to take a breath. When focusing on gratitude, you see all of the prosperity and abundance around you… and then the Great Spirit plays this fun game where the more you acknowledge your gifts, the more gifts you are given. Now, while this concept is simple, there is a part to it that seems complicated to me which brings me to MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE WHILE WORKING WITH MY TURTLE:

When I arrived in Mt. Shasta, I was reading my turtle workbook. It had been about a year since I had worked in it and I saw that when I created my workbook, I had been asking for one big thing that I was still looking for—a career change. I got pretty frustrated and pissed off. I was thinking to myself about all of the intention, prayer, action steps, and work on myself I had done in the past year with the goal of selling my business and moving on to the next chapter in my life. A while back, I had set a “cut off” date for the sale of my business. The day I decided I would create this date, I counted 90 days forward and it landed on September 9th (9-9). In numerology, the number nine means completion and I thought this was just POETIC. “How perfect is this?” I asked myself and started to make moves. I started preparing for my exit from Baltimore—I contacted my landlord to end my lease, I contacted my gym to end my membership, I made Thanksgiving plans out of state and started letting people know that I would be leaving Maryland to pursue my dreams. I did all of those things I had been taught about the power of manifestation and I felt, saw, and imagined it as a reality. Well, September 9th came and went and the business was not sold. I knew there was activity with some of the potential buyers so I took that as my sign that completion was close, keep your head up, but by the time I got to my turtle journal in Mt. Shasta and realized I was basically in the same place I was a year ago, I was angry. I felt as though I had put all of my faith into something and I had been let down. This tantrum I am describing is THE OPPOSITE of gratitude. I was operating from scarcity and the idea of me not having enough; a state of being I thought I had “evolved” past. My turtle had just served me a big piece of humble pie. The turtle is a symbol of longevity and immortality and being born again and again in this lifetime and I was reminded that no matter how evolved I thought I was after the work I had done in the past year, I still had a long, patient road ahead of me. starlight reminded me that September 9th was a date and deadline I had given, Spirit had other plans for me.

At this time, I had to reconnect with my faith. I may have mentioned that when working with my Foot Chakras, I was often times reminded of my Heart Chakra because what is in my heart will move me forward. Similarly, when working with my Root Chakra, I was often reminded of my Third Eye Chakra/my wisdom because my wisdom is necessary to keep me grounded and focused on my purpose and faith. It is no coincidence that the turtle symbolizes wisdom. (Sidenote: The animal I have at my third eye is a raven and the raven is a symbol of the Equinox…and my name, Brennan, means “brave little raven”; these are all validations.) It was time a) for an attitude adjustment and b) to reconnect to my trust.

My turtle helped me again here by showing me it was not Spirit I was angry with, it was myself. The Root Chakra focuses on self-confidence and the turtle allowed me to realize that I was not “comfortable in my own skin” which is one of his lessons. I realized that my anger was not at Spirit but was at myself because I was afraid that I had sabotaged my manifestation, that I was in some way not allowing the business to sell because I am not convinced I deserve a career and life that I love. I believed that when it came time to jump, I would jump but had the time come and I missed it? I found a poem that spoke to me and recited this piece over and over: “[…] she let go of all of the memories that held her back, she let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.” If I could truly have awareness in the present moment (another lesson of the Root and Sacral Chakras), then my worry and fear and self-doubt should dissipate. It is now mid-November and I wish I could say I have mastered this as well as Monsieur Mastery has, but it is still part of my journey. My business has not sold, my job applications have gone unanswered, and my self-confidence is slacking. Although I have moved onto working with my red panda at my Sacral Chakra, I still need to honor MTMM’s lessons around this area of my life as well as his trait of PATIENCE. As we move onto other animals/chakras we are building on top of the lower chakras; it is a layered process.

While I was in Mount Shasta, I was moved to apply to two sea turtle hospitals. The Root Chakra helps us connect to our PURPOSE and I feel deeply that my purpose in life is for the oceans and the sea turtles whose species are nearly all classified as Endangered. Each week I apply to a different organization or organizations that can move me closer to this goal and I know MTMM is helping me navigate closer each week.

When I returned from California, I was able to use the example of MTMM to get me through another challenge: I didn’t have a place to live. I had ended my lease believing I would be on my way and did not want to sign a new lease because that felt like a step in the opposite direction so I started splitting my time between three houses of friends and family. A turtle carries its home on its back and travels long distances with its shell/shelter. I am reminded of this as I gypsy around Baltimore :)

Since I returned from my trip, I was given another gift from MTMM. One of the activities we do while working with the Root Chakra is focusing on the gifts you have in this lifetime and past lifetimes that you want to reawaken. While we were in Mt. Shasta, I wrote two letters to MTMM. One was about a gift I wanted to awaken in this lifetime that I knew I had but was not fully utilizing which was my gift to be a leader. The second letter was asking to awaken gifts from past lifetimes without knowing what they were. Once back in Maryland, I started volunteering at a hospice inpatient unit and offering energy work to the patients and their families. I realized after several weeks of doing this work that MTMM helped me awaken my healer within so that I could do this work. I also notice how I am being a more confident and intentional leader.

I will conclude with one last story from my last month working with my Root Chakra. One night I had a very lucid dream where I saw a beaver and he kept saying I WILL. The words I WILL actually were appearing in the dream. I looked up the significance of a beaver and learned that they are master builders. They symbolize teamwork, persistence, pliability, and new promise. I immediately knew that this spirit animal was with me at this time in my life where I need to be flexible, persistent, and have faith. I named him “Will” and have been working with him as well. I also acknowledged that he is a water creature who can also go on land like the turtle. Will is an example of spirit animals who come to us when we need them the most and may not be with us forever like MTMM is always with me.

I hope this reflection was relatable in some way to your path. Please feel encouraged to ask me any specific questions about my experience and to share your experiences with me!