Have you ever noticed a recurring animal in your life? Do you feel drawn to certain animals? Do you find others to be grotesque? Have you ever wondered what the animal you have been seeing in your yard, the animal you love, or the animal you fear may represent? This page features reflections I wrote while participating in a workshop called "Inner Animal Magic". The workshop lasts eight months, during which you learn about your own personal animal totem pole. It is a combination of the Native American spirit animal traditions and the Indian chakra traditions. Each individual has a different animal at each chakra and this workshop allows you to identify your unique animals at your different energy centers. As you work up your totem pole, you discover who you truly are and what is necessary to move you forward on your life's path. I am currently doing this program for the fourth time and love teaching others about the traits and characteristics of different animals as well as the different chakras.

Below are quick excerpts; click on the titles for the full reflections and write me if you are interested in learning more about this program. (Please keep in mind that the reflections are organized with the most recent at the top of the page; if you wish to start from the "beginning", simply scroll down...)